Fitting In.

What do you want to be?

a)      A friendless loser.


b)      A person with tons of friends who secretly hate you.

In this world everyone is trying to fit in. Some of them are trying to be a part of the most popular crowd; some are trying to just make people like them. Some are struggling to be “cool” enough so that they get a chance to hang out with the elite crowd while some are still trying to figure out which group they belong to.

Trust me, fitting in could be a really stressful job. There would be so many events going around us of which we would do anything to be a part of. But things don’t really work out that way. Not everything that people wish for is granted in real life.

Where on one side of the world I see so many people struggle to be a part of something; be it anything. Here I wonder what if someday I actually fit in. What if in this whole process of being recognized by people around me I end up losing the person who I truly am? What if this whole thought consumes me so much that I would forget what I truly want from life?

I don’t think I am the kind of person who would want to totally fit in some place that might make me lose myself. I would obviously want to be ‘someone’ so that others recognize me. But not by being one of them or by losing myself or being a copy of what they are. Rather I would want to excel in my talent to the greatest heights so that I will be recognized by who I AM, not by how good I am at being someone else.

P.S. No one can play a better role of being you than you yourself.


About TinyLittleBeliever

I am a regular immature teenager who might just surprise you by her posts. As at the end of the I am a teen who has gone through a lot of ups and downs and still doesn't stop being kiddish. My experience is what which helps to deal with my life like a matured person. Blogging is my new distraction from all the things going around me. Happy reading. :)

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