Channa Mereya

Sachchi mohabbat shaayad wahi hai,
Jis mein junoon hai, jis mein junoon hai.
Par do dilon ki yaari mein bhi to,
Kitna sukoon hai, kitna sukoon hai.
De ke mujhe teri judaai mere rab ne mujhe paighaam diya.

Here, I am sitting under the big blue dark sky, looking at those twinkling stars and gazing at the moon. I’ve the ear phones in my ears, one song on repeat and just one thought in my head.
(Wish he was here so I could just hold him and sit, not utter a single word and just enjoy the silence.)

The song I’m listening to says:
In true love there is immense passion no doubt, but friendship of two hearts, this pure bond is filled with an ocean full of peace.
And through our separation, my God has conveyed this beautiful message to me.

This songs melts my heart or lifts it up. It pulls me down or pushes me up. It electrifies every nerve ending in my body or ends up making everything numb. It takes me back to the first time I met him or to the next time I’m longing to meet him. It reminds me of the happiness of the relationship or its sadness. I don’t know.
All I know it is magic. Yes, magic. It does something beyond my understanding. Makes we feel weird, in probably all ways. The song is like a drug. It drowns me in each and every lyric of it. It takes me to a place where I feel everything the song wants me to experience, like a parallel universe. Where nothing else matters.
Isn’t that what music does? But this song! It’s does it on a totally different level.


He’s always missed.


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I am a regular immature teenager who might just surprise you by her posts. As at the end of the I am a teen who has gone through a lot of ups and downs and still doesn't stop being kiddish. My experience is what which helps to deal with my life like a matured person. Blogging is my new distraction from all the things going around me. Happy reading. :)

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