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Take Me Away. 

Take me away with you

So that I can remember what it’s like to be free.

Take me away with you

So that I can remember how sunshine makes me feel.


Take me to a time

Where you are mine.

Where the curve on your lips

Can be felt by my kiss.


Take me away with you

To a place where nothing else matters.

Take me away with you

To a place where there’s no chaos and clatter.


Take me to a time

Where everything feels divine.

Where the sound of your heart beating

Is the only sound I can be listening.


Take me away with you

Where I can dance like one’s watching.

Take me away with you

Where my wings can fly without anyone catching.


Take me to a time

Where I can have a glass of wine.

Where I’m sitting near the shore

Thinking of you and nothing more.


Just take me away with you..

So that we can start by the things we’ve always wanted to do..


What Defines Us Is How We Rise After Falling


Sketching after so long. ❤️

He Made Me Feel How Freedom Felt :)

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
― John Lennon

I love surprises and Life has never failed to surprise me at any moment, be it in a good way or a bad way. I have learnt that nothing is permanent in our lives; happiness, sadness, friends, family, money or even things. Everyone has a small role to play, once they are done with their task they leave us and go. And it is bound for us to keep moving on with our life or else we will be left behind. And there will be a moment when it will be difficult for us to find our self. So it is better to start accepting things as they come or make such an effort so that we are able to change the things in our life.

I partly accept things as they come to me and partly take a risk to do things my way. The second half of my attitude has made me make big blunders in my life, but the first half has at times given me more than I deserve. Or maybe it is just that I value or appreciate the happiness I get a little more than others do, as I know how terrible it feels to go through the bad phase.

Last night I was lying on my bed and recalling all the events that happened during the day. Suddenly a thought passed by and I realized no matter how much my life is fucked up, it does not take my share of happiness from me.

May 3, 2013 was one of the longest days of my life that I actually enjoyed. Getting up at 5.30 in the morning and waking AB up. Making sure he comes to teach me. Lying down on the bed half asleep and asking myself ‘Am I dreaming or is he actually going to turn up?’ After 15 minutes my phone starts to vibrate and I somehow managed to look at the name flash and answered the call. 15 minutes and he would be there at my door step. I got up from my bed, washed my face, checked my call log once again to assure myself that I was not dreaming and suddenly realized that he was actually coming. He was there helping me with the study material for a few hours and soon we bid each other good bye by telling it was a pleasure meeting. He went back to his life and so did I. After struggling from my law and math tuition I headed back home, had lunch and rushed to my school for some paper work. Aaaaaannnddd surprise, surprise! He was also there. He was the last person I was expecting to crash into. (But.. Didn’t I tell you, I love surprises 🙂 )


We spoke to each other as if there was this unknown trust between us which was so strong that we didn’t have to think twice before telling something. He walked me back to my house and the whole time I was looking at him and wondering is he the same person I used to see in school? The same one whom I made sure I was not near him or his group. And now the same person looked so different to me. He was mischievous and funny but yet so simple and comforting. Everything felt so light and so good. The day was my escape from reality. I felt free, maybe just for a few hours, but I could feel freedom all around me. Trust me at that point nothing could have felt better.

Friends help us make things so simple for us no matter how complicated the solution might be. But at least we know there is a solution and if not they do help us to take a break.

I have come to another conclusion that we should not judge people on how they look or with whom they hang out or spend time, it totally depends on who they are from within and how good they make us feel. And it feels good to feel the lightness of life. The feeling of having things in life without strings being attached to them, away from darkness and the gloomy world.

I am not sad because the day passed by knowing it will not come back to me soon, but I am smiling because I lived every moment of that day.

Keep Smiling 🙂

Happiness Does Make Me Feel Content :)

Life is as complicated as we want to make it. Truly said by someone that it is not the problem in our life which is the problem; it is our attitude towards the problem which decides the intensity of it. People can only hurt you till the time you love them. You win, when you stop caring. It is as simple as that. But I know it is not that easy to implement it in our lives. But, yes if we really want to solve a problem in our life and get over it, no matter how much time it takes or no matter how much pain we have to bear. There will come a day when we actually find a ray of light in our dark life. Ummm… Not even a ray of light, there will surely come a day when you come out in the sunshine and play under the infinite sky.

Live to love (13)

Then you will suddenly start hoping for the moment to stay forever and that it never ends. But from my personal experience I suggest, it will be better if you don’t hope anything like this because as sad moments don’t stay forever, even happy times don’t. But this thought should no way stop you from enjoying the moment to its fullest. It is better to value what you have at the right time rather than regret it being what you had in your life.

Till yesterday it seemed like forever the last time I actually laughed my heart out. But today life has something better in store for me. Not that I haven’t suffered much or I am still not suffering. It is just that the wonderful moments I spend with my friends compensate for all the pain I have to go through. It feels heavenly when they do everything to make me smile. Even I do my part by being a good listener, a support system. But at times it feels as if they give me a little extra happiness than what I deserve, which in turn makes me feel more special. Small gestures make so much of a difference in my life.  That smile which I give to comfort them, the hug that I wish could never end. That drive that shows me a new dimension of the city I live in. Playing video games after ages and realizing how much I missed it.


It is true, I am blessed by wonderful friends in my life which help me find a new way to happiness no matter how twisted the road might seem. It is a little difficult to write down when I feel happy and I still can’t figure out why. But by no chance it lessens the intensity of my happiness. Maybe I just want that feeling to stay within me so that its value or worth doesn’t diminish in my heart.

I am happy and it obviously feels good. I don’t know for how long it will last. But I will enjoy it, treasure every second because life is very uncertain. What I have today might not be with me tomorrow. The reason can be anything. Maybe the role of that person in my life would soon end and I would have to move on. But I don’t want to end up regretting anything. I have the opportunity to be happy now, to smile like I have never been hurt and I will live it to the fullest. Because I know what I have gone through and it is now my time, it is time for me to be happy, to be selfish and only care about people who love me with all they have. All I want them is to realize everyday they get up in the morning is that I love them today, I will love them tomorrow. This is all I have and this is the most I can give and they deserve every bit of it because it was them who were awake with me on all those dark nights when I used to stay up just to cry my heart out. So now when I am happy not only because I want to be but because they were always there to motivate me to smile even when my life had a rainy phase. It is time for me to do my bit to make sure even they smile.

I feel good. And it feels better when I am a reason behind someone else’s smile.


I Might Not Have Everything That I WANT, But I Have Everything That I NEED.

I always wanted someone to get down on his knees, holding a rose in his hand and confessing his feeling for me. Him being the first one to start my day and the last one I end it with. A person, who would fall for my smile over and over again no matter how many times he sees it. Making me feel like I am the most special person in his life, spending ample time with me so that I don’t feel like an unwanted person in his life. Someone who would trust me, respect me and never forget to show how much he loves me rather than telling me how much he does, I always wanted a fairy tale type Prince in my life who would make me feel like a princess. Who would actually prove the fact of “Happily Ever After” in my life and make me come alive.

Then comes a moment when I realized, think before you wish for something, it might just happen. The wish of my life came true. I guess I found someone who could give me what I wanted for so long. I would no more had to feel lonely; no more nights would pass by crying me to sleep. I could actually see the moments or things I had always wanted in my life actually find a way to reach me.

I always wanted more fairy tale moments or a beautiful, magical life. But it is not something I NEED in my life. I feel complete without being emotionally involved with someone. I feel content even when I don’t have a lover in my life. I am happy with whatever I have in life. My family, stud best friends 😛 and my wonderful close friends. There were times when I felt that there was a vacuum in my life, I used to feel empty, it used to feel as if I was missing something in life. But it is not true. I have been blessed by everything I need in my life.

Plus Economics and Business Studies have taught me to satisfy my needs first and then go for the things I want. The feeling I got when I felt content from within was out of the world. It was so calming. I felt complete even with all the flaws around me, within me.


Maybe it is not necessary to have a boy friend in life. Sometimes we are complete in life without a few things being in it. And the fact that I love someone else.. Ummm.. my love for him is Pure. All I want him is to be there in my life. Give me a part of him. I guess that is all I need. He makes me believe in unconditional love. Though I do expect a few things from him, which is but natural as it is human nature to expect. But he makes me happy even with the smallest gesture of care. And I realized this is all I need and want in my life.

I have learnt how not to classify love, not to love people by the relationship tag. Love should be pure. If I love someone means I love that person. I can’t justify myself by how much I love him/her. Love doesn’t have boundaries, it is limitless, infinite.

At times we should get what we had always wanted in order to realize that we already have what we need. 🙂

Serendipity Surprised Me..

Serendipity. The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: A fortunate stroke of serendipity came into my life and here I am seeing my smile reach my eyes. 🙂


It is surprising how people can suddenly enter my life and become such an important part of it that it never seemed they even existed in my reality a few days ago. It is weird how easily I can get attached to someone in just a few hours (maybe) but sometimes hundreds of conversations also don’t seem to satisfy the confusion of trusting a person fully.

How can I start caring for someone so much or enjoy their company all of a sudden? Talking for hours also might seem to be insufficient. Laughing out loud while recalling the funny incidents and on the other hand getting a little depressed also after listening about the tragedy of life. It is surprising to get along so well with Rc when the age gap seems a little too much. It’s true that age never acts as a barrier in relationships, people just click and that’s how a fresh friendship starts. 🙂


There is this jittery stuff I feel in my stomach. Happiness flows through my body and reaches my soul when I talk to him or think about the moments spent together. He helps me make my life simple, makes me believe in dreams coming true. Randomly telling me about the sunset looking good and I don’t even realize that I am already looking at the sky, wishing I could go to the terrace and enjoy the feel, get consumed in that silence of nature. Being a listener at times feels good. I sigh, I blush. I smile and wonder why. All I had was a faint memory of him, looking stick thin in school uniform, running from here to there.

You should trying letting your mind open; heart feel because you never know something good might be there in store for you. Don’t cry too much, someone might fall for your smile. Don’t wait for happy moments to come, make the moment happy for you.

top picture.

It is difficult to be simple. But it is simple to be happy. 🙂



Hoping For The Best, Letting God Do The Rest.

9th March 1995 came into this world, a little girl who is going to turn 18 in a month. The small little fingers have now grown long, the innocent girl has now come to the stage where she has to finally grow up into an adult, the little bruises that used to hurt her have now turned into heart breaks which increase the pain, that smile which used to come on her face by giving her a toffee, now comes when she gets a hug. And this girl is no one else but Me. 😛

But one thing for sure has not changed and I doubt it will ever change. That is, my birthday is the best day of my life. Nothing can replace the feeling, the excitement I get when this day comes closer and closer. Ever year I feel soo special on this day. Everyone in my life does everything possible to make this one day, the most memorable one for me. Though every year I am always a little scared because I am always unsure of what is actually going to happen on this day, what will they actually do for me and soo many questions just fill up my head. This is the one feeling out of all the excitement which calms me down as soon as there are just a few days left for my birthday. But I always end up having the best day of my year.

Every year I used to celebrate my birthday for a week. But this year things are going to be different. My boards will be going on and I will not be able to celebrate. 😥 I am somehow not expecting much from my friends. Maybe because everyone will be having their exams on. Or maybe I don’t want to be disappointed on my 18 birthday. It is going to be the worst feeling if something happens like this. All these years my birthday has been so good, its just that this year I am more of scared than excited.

I don’t want any gifts or presents or beautiful cards. All I want is, the first thing I see when I get up from my sleep on that day is my friends in front of me. All I want is to see ALL my friends whom I have know from my childhood till date do be there with me on this special day.

I am just hoping for the best and expecting the least. 🙂

I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?

I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?

[What so ever happens on that day, I know it is going to be the best I could ever get.]

Solving Problems

Problems. We always think that we act as a magnet for them, as they never leave us. If we are done dealing with one problem of our life, another one just suddenly pops up. And we always end up thinking ‘Why Me?’.

People. Everyone out there. Firstly you are not the only person overload with problems in your life. Everyone is struggling, be it rich or poor. Some people are just good at hiding it. So please don’t end up thinking that why out of thousands of people you are the one who is stuck in such a mess. Everyone’s life is difficult. The grass is not always green on the other side. For everyone their problem is the biggest. So please don’t make others feel that your problem is the most important thing in the world by neglecting their problem.

Now the part comes where we actually think that how can we come out of this mess. Firstly if you have a solution start working on it. If you know you can’t do anything about the situation. Then stop worrying and enjoy the confusion. Because as good days don’t stay forever, even bad phase doesn’t. See, the only reason why we have a problem in life is because we can get through it. And anything that doesn’t kill you, makes you strong. So, just take a chill pill. Dance in the rain rather than crib about the storm.


Until and unless you really try to make things better in your life, things wont get back to being normal. There is no point in cribbing about your situation. Deal with it. Take decisions. Bring change in your life. If, by chance you are tired of dealing with things, go out and do something that you like, forget about the whole world for a while and what people will think or say about you. It is your life and no one can make you feel bad until you give them a chance to do so. Problems are not going anywhere until we solve it. So take a break from your life. You can get back to dealing with things from tomorrow.

You have tried being a total pessimist and things still haven’t worked out in your favour. So for once, listen to me and think positive. Yes, be an optimistic person. You will feel the change. Your problems will not go anywhere. But, you’ll have the courage to deal with them.

Keep smiling. 🙂

Achi Wali Feeling :)

Happiness. By definition means a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.


In my life I have come across many happy moments, times when tears rolled down my eyes because I was soo happy, times when my stomach started aching because I laughed soo much. But we usually tend to forget all these moments when we are going through a bad phase and always question God ‘Why me?’ But I don’t get it He was the same person to give us all those wonderful memories in our life; there is obviously a reason why He is making us go through this tough time.

According to me, instead of being sad during the sad time we should be happy that now that we are going through such a terrible phase, God must have planned something very good beyond our imagination. And we should have a dose of difficult times so that we value the happy memories.

I once read in a poem “A thing of beauty is a joy forever..Its loveliness increase, it will never pass into nothingness”

Things that make me happy, jab achi wali feeling aati hai..

When I get up in the morning and rush to my mother to give her a tight hug and she smiles back and give me an even tighter hug.

When I sit next to my brother while he is driving the car, makes me feel how time flies and that he has turned 20 so fast.

When I get a morning wakeup call from that special person because my mood wasn’t okay the last night.

When I sit to write my blog and just can’t stop typing.

When I see that big smile on my Auntie’s face, after meeting her after years.

When I have a bowl full of ice cream.


When that someone special calls me at night just to make sure I have a sound sleep.

When I meet my friends in school after a long holiday and have so much to tell them.

When I get a call from my friend and he/she tells to look out of the window as they are standing there just to say hi.

When my brother takes me out for shopping and tell me don’t look at the price tag and buy whatever you want to.

When I play with my father’s hair and doze off while sitting near his leg.

When I talk to a very old friend and seems as if nothing has changed in so many years.

When someone tries to make me smile as I’m upset of some reason.


My list seems never ending. I am glad I have such wonderful people in my life who make my life worth living. Achi wali feeling aati hai.

Just remember one thing, we are humans, we have 50% happy and 50% sad times. So live life to your fullest because no matter what you can’t escape anything what life has in store for you..

Don’t Give Up.

Feel like giving up? On your relationship? On him?

Think for a second, why did you hold on to him for soo long.. It is not that you did not spend good times together. There were special moments which made your heart skip a beat. The current that rushes through your body when both of you make sure you look at each other no matter how crowded the place is. All the morning wake up calls just to make YOU feel special. Him being the last person to tell you good night. Making sure that you have a sound sleep. Suddenly telling you ‘Hi!’ just to light up your face. Giving you that small smile so that you have a good day, knowing the fact that he rarely smiles.

How can you give up on everything that he has made you feel? All the long conversations over the phone, ignoring all the other calls, he spoke to YOU. Not having text balance and still talking to you day and night. Making you feel that you are right beside him, every minute, every second of his life.

Sharing all his problems with you even when he didn’t open up in front of all his so called friends. Telling you everything with such immense emotion filled in every word he spoke. Being like a total kid so that YOU have a day worth living, so that you get up with a smile on your face. He listened to all your problems without being judgemental, even when you cried because of your ex. Knowing the fact that it kills him inside when you get bothered because of silly reasons.

Getting furious at you because you didn’t sleep properly or didn’t have your meals on time. Remembering every little thing you told him. Even when his life is messed up, he makes sure you are not tensed. Even when he feels like giving up on you because you acted like a total jerk at times. He still sticks to you. And just because he has taken a back seat, you feel like giving up?

He gave you the best of everything, even himself. When now he is at his worse doesn’t he deserve you to stick to him? How selfish can people be.

Get mad at him when he annoys you, cry when he hurts you, but don’t forget to love him when he needs you. He will never tell you that he needs you, he’ll push you away. But understand his silence. Stay with him even if it annoys him. Because you know that your support helps him get through all the problems he has to face in his life.

I know at times you can’t handle him, but just remember that he has always stood by you and now it’s your time to be there for him.. Make him feel that this world isn’t that bad and love still exists..


A New Beginning..

Finally after all the confusion in my mind I planned to blog.

I still don’t feel up to the mark. It feels as if I am standing in front of the starting line of a race and waiting for the gun shot so that I can move ahead, leaving every unwanted feeling behind.

Thank you Shivika for helping me out in everything. 🙂


My username perfectly defines what I feel most of the time.

That’s all from this ‘first timer’.

Adios amigo. Keep smiling.

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